Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 2 of Raw Food: Back to Work

Today was a bigger challenge because I went back to work and wasn't at home all day like yesterday. For breakfast I had some more raw granola with some raw goat milk (only I'm drinking goat milk because Dave doesn't think it fits with the raw food "challenge.") It was really filling and satisfying and I ate a banana a few hours later. For lunch I had the leftover cabbage salad from last night along with some carrots and celery and raw sun-dried tomato dip. I shared a bowl of the salad with my co-worker and she loved it. We also had a good conversation about her uncle, who is a Naturopathic Doctor living in Panama and has been a raw foodist for 12 years. I did drink a little coffee, because I got up at 5 am and my energy was lagging. I also ate a raw chocolate fruit/nut bar when I got home... not the healthiest choice but we're still in transition haha For dinner, we had some marinated veggies with pineapple bbq sauce that we prepared yesterday and dehydrated all day today. We served it on a bed of cauliflower "rice" flavored with coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil and salt. David thought it tasted like "real food" lol For dessert I had some pineapple and coconut butter. Both of us are feeling like our digestion is good and we are feeling good so far.


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